Find out what Causes Your Uncontrollable Appetite

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Apart from the obvious aesthetic negative consequences of overeating, scientists have discovered a hidden and even more dangerous one: loosing control over your appetite.

A study made by the University of Wisconsin-Madison shows that a few months of eating more than your body actually needs, will cause serious confusion in your brain, in the sense that it will not be able to set limits to your eating and your appetite will be extremely difficult to control.

Overeating will reactivate cells in your brain that are normally inactive, and their ‘awakening’ will interfere with the signals your brain sends to you in order to let you know you have had enough to eat.

Also, the part of the brain that tells the body to exercise and consume the energy obtained from food is deactivated and you soon turn into a couch potato.

So, if you don’t want that to happen, you’d better start controlling your appetite while you still can. Do not over-feed yourself, exercise as often as you can, and most importantly, listen to the signal your brain sends you, not your pastry chef. Your brain knows exactly how much you need to eat every day in order to have the necessary energy and vitality.

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